Change Log

Sun Apr 15 19:43:26 UTC 2007
Erik Veenstra <>

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1. Change Log

1. Change Log

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0.2.1115.04.2007allinoneruby-0.2.11.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.11.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.11.gem0.2.11.diffReplaced %TEMP% by %HOME%/eee, or %USERPROFILE%/eee, or %TEMP%/eee, or c:/eee (on Windows). Replaced /tmp by $HOME/.eee, or /tmp/.eee (on Linux/Darwin). This is to avoid "Insecure world writable dir".
0.2.1029.07.2006allinoneruby-0.2.10.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.10.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.10.gem0.2.10.diffThis change is just technical, to stay compatible with RubyScript2Exe.
0.2.904.02.2006allinoneruby-0.2.9.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.9.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.9.gem0.2.9.diffFixed a bug concerning parameters with quotes and other escapable characters.
Fixed a bug concerning spaced parameters on Linux and Darwin.
AllInOneRuby and RubyScript2Exe now work together.
0.2.803.12.2005allinoneruby-0.2.8.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.8.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.8.gem0.2.8.diffFixed a bug concerning multi line parameters.
0.2.729.09.2005allinoneruby-0.2.7.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.7.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.7.gem0.2.7.diffMade the common test if __file__ == $0 work.
0.2.606.08.2005allinoneruby-0.2.6.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.6.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.6.gem0.2.6.diffUpdated to the last EEE (from RubyScript2Exe).
0.2.521.06.2005allinoneruby-0.2.5.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.5.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.5.gem0.2.5.diffFixed a bug concerning --site handling.
0.2.414.06.2005allinoneruby-0.2.4.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.4.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.4.gem0.2.4.diffFixed a bug concerning spaces in %TEMP%.
0.2.303.06.2005allinoneruby-0.2.3.rb or allinoneruby-0.2.3.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.3.gem0.2.3.diffUpdated to FreePascal 1.9.8 on Windows, 2.0.0 on Linux and 1.9.5 on Darwin.
The exit code of your script is returned to the calling application/shell.
Made some information about the environment EEE sets up available to the application, e.g. executable name. or allinoneruby-0.2.2.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.2.gem0.2.2.diffFixed a bug concerning program arguments with spaces on Linux/Darwin (was OK on Windows).
Added $stdin handling on Linux/Darwin (was OK on Windows).
Added handling of the -e argument, the one of Ruby itself.
Added a search for EEE. or allinoneruby-0.2.1.tar.gz or allinoneruby-0.2.1.gem0.2.1.diffnewlocation is an absolute path.
ENV["TEMP"] is an absolute path.
Added --verbose.
Added --quiet.
Added --nostrip.
Fixed the non-SH-compatible shell (e.g. TCSH) bug.
Changed the name of the generated executable on Linux from allinoneruby.bin to allinoneruby_linux.
Added (experimental) support for Mac OS X (Darwin).
Added support for .dll extensions and .o extensions. or allinoneruby-0.2.0.tar.gz0.2.0.diffAdded support for Linux.
Added compression.
Added sitelib support.
Added --eee-list. or allinoneruby-0.1.1.tar.gz0.1.1.diffAdded the handling of dll's, needed by the so's. or allinoneruby-0.1.tar.gz0.1.diffFirst release.